Taking time out and exploring the unexpected

Sometimes the most exciting times are the unplanned moments. We all plan our time very cautiously, limited holidays from work put so much pressure on what time we take, when we take it and where. I have never been a plan a holiday a year in advance kind of person, it kind of scares me, the planning means it’s  concrete and i almost feel claustrophobic. Although sometimes this is a must for big plans, the simple plans, the plans you almost stumble upon, the plans you enjoy the most.I recently took a trip to Italy with my boyfriend. This was actually a trip for him, for work. We took 4 days out, he would have to attend meetings the first night and day but then we were left to do as we pleased. We flew into Milan, drove around 300 k to a place near Venice and he did what he had to do. At the end of the first day we were sat in the car no idea where to go or stay, bearing in mind we had 3 days left. So decision made lets just randomly drive to lake Garda may I add at this point I’m a confident driver but the Italians like to drive as though they are late for everything an experience on its own (that i can joke about now at the time i feared for my life.) We turned up to lake Garda found a hotel without any recommendation it turned out to be just perfect. A short walk to the town where selected restaurants were open a beautiful marina with views to die for. December…ok its not the summer sun that you feel you need, though cold the sun was out every day. We hired a couple of push bikes and decided to cycle to wherever, see how far we got until bored…you could cycle for days and not get tired of the views. We talked, laughed and explored.

I had the best 4 days away that I have had for a long time. I felt relaxed and just content. Although I’m not a great planner I tend to need to know what I’m doing, but we literally had no idea until we pulled up outside the hotel.

Sometimes the most special times in life are unplanned and you go with no expectations but have the best of times. We all get caught up in ‘plans’ but take a chance on things sometimes, you may turn up to a hotel that really isn’t the nicest but if you can laugh and joke about your experience then thats a memory that will stay with you forever, a memory to joke about in years to come, not your average package holiday (which I’m not slating as these can be great) but your little memories, with your own twist that could only be so funny or joyful through the complete random decision you made.

Take a chance, ditch the plans, get out and see what the world has to offer you not what you ‘make’ the world offer you.


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