Be You 

Whether it’s lack of confidence , expectations that others have of you, a relationship , a boss, a college at work…what ever the circumstance please remember to be you.
Being someone different is only a lie , you can’t keep up with a lie, it catches you out …always!
So think about it ….you really like that guy …you really want that job , you really like that dress because someone else looked great in it but you feel not you in it, you really want to be in ‘that’ group of friends because that’s what ‘in’ …well if these are all reasons because you feel that’s the done thing to do however you don’t actually believe in it well …what is the point?
So that guy/girl you really like because you think that’s what ‘right’ for you …for whatever reason. But the only way to get that person interested is to act different to who you really are , ok you may win them over but really how long can you pretend for ? 6 months down the road you are in a relationship you hate or you’ve ended up getting Into situations you never would have if it hadn’t been for getting mixed up with that person ? The pain you have to go through to get out or even worse you don’t get out you become a totally different person who you don’t even recognise …DON’T DO IT
Or you get that ‘perfect’ job because you acted a complete different way to how you are …and again months down the line your stuck …wasted opportunity to find a job that really suits you and your personality…DON’T DO IT
You can’t live a lie , don’t disguise your quirks , your interests , YOU. Be you please, I didn’t and I look back and wonder why ?! I can only live and learn as I don’t do regrets BUT I hope to some this makes you think twice when being someone different to your beautiful courageous YOU.
One life …do it your way. Work hard with passion …love with passion and true love …make friends that hold you up when the world is crumbling around you and never ask for anything back , love the people in your tight circle because they are who you let in and trust completely…spend your time concentrating on these precious things and let the rest past because after all being you are so unique and it’s the only way to love your life free.

can I add , this is all based on you being a good hearted person and with that …fly free 💕


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