Avoid Comparison


In a world full of social media comparison is an extremely easy thing to get wrapped up in. I am guilty of this, always have been but the older I get the more I can control it, give myself a slap and move onto thoughts that ‘actually’ matter.

It’s a painful and dangerous process that only leads to you hurting yourself becoming your own worse enemy and you begin to waste all of your energy worrying about things completely out of your control.

No matter who you may be comparing yourself to STOP. You aren’t that person you are you, and if you think they are prettier, taller, slimmer, having more fun in life, younger, wiser, older whatever…. you don’t know what their story is, they may come across the most confident of people but stop and think, they may feel and be doing the exact same as you, comparing. It’s such a vicious circle.

Strangely enough I came across this today whilst reading my ‘A year of Well Being’ book at lunch, I’ve been ‘comparing’ myself to others lately and this was the little bit of SLAP YOURSELF I needed. I really can’t control anything else bar my feelings and myself. I don’t want to live a life of comparison I want to be free and enjoy ME. So I will endeavor to do so as comparing brings such toxic views and beliefs into our lives.

Appreciate yourself for once not everyone else around you




2 thoughts on “Avoid Comparison

  1. Wise words Sarah! It happens so easily that we start to compare ourselves with others. And when we do that, we start to feel bad because we notice that there are so many people who are (or at least we think so) in one way or another “better” than we. For long I was very uncertain about my blog. Then couple of years ago I CONSCIOUSLY closed my eyes from other blogs and continued doing and developing mine in the way I felt I wanted to do. At some point I thought whether I was totally stupid to do so but later on I’ve noticed that it was actually a good thing for me. Because during that time when I didn’t read other blogs, I found myself as a blogger. I found my own “voice”, my own style. Things that now makes saimaalife.com different and unique compared to other blogs. Of course I still found myself comparing myself and my blog to others but there’s a big difference what it felt couple of years ago. It’s easier to just be genuinely happy for others and do my thing in my own way 🙂

    1. I totally agree , I wanted to blog for me , nothing else , I love beauty and in my job where it’s a complete mans world it’s my escape to talk about the things I love , but also talk about myself , difficulties I may have , lessons I am learning , situations and trying to find a way out of it to see more clearly and writing helps. Although I can sit and say …stop thinking that way I’m being silly , or tell myself not to worry, until I sit down and write I can’t get to grips with it . I take it in , it’s almost like therapy for me haha, although doing this for others to see is scary because you let others in , people you don’t even know I just feel if I can share it , it could help others in similar situations , If I can train all my little niggling worries and stresses I hope that others can get a little something from it to. I want to find myself, to do this for me and for once stop comparing myself to the world outside because that’s the most destructive thing you can do. Thank you for reading, your blog really suits me and you have very wise words to share X to being you X

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