Doves ‘no likes needed’ theory is interesting. Whilst reading an article about this I started to question myself …do I do this? Now they say the emphasis is on 18/23 year olds however …I think the age spans far further.

I admit I’m guilty. A photo may get a few likes and I would think , oh…ok that must be a really bad photo of me, or a photo of me and my boyfriend or friends , not many likes..’oh that must mean no one is interested in my life. But really as I’m writing this now I’m thinking WHAT ON EARTH them thoughts actually go through my head ?  How completely unimportant is the fact that I may not have many likes! The fact is I’m sharing a photo because I like it or it means something to me so surely that’s all that matters and if I get a few likes from my ‘friends’ or others then great but I’m not sitting there shouting ‘oooooh I got like 50/60/100 whatever likes! It should not make me feel better about myself as I should already feel good about myself without seeking approval of others!

I do it …oh that girl had loads of likes they must be so much prettier, better, nicer..bla bla than I  am. Really??? No that’s utter rubbish , a girl that may be showing more flesh may get more likes but ask yourself why? Or someone has loads of likes because they follow a bunch of people they don’t know..or they do a job that gets heaps of attention …but I can tell you know it’s a competitive world out there and there’s always someone else with more likes …it’s goes round and round and round

I’ve entered the blogging world where my photos and stories are shared to those who wish to view and read , when I get a like I’m proud because I feel that someone is interested in what I have said or what I like …but I don’t need them to make me feel a better person , there’s a massive difference!

Put a selfie up , be proud of your beauty, write a story because you want to share it, share them beauty tips because you want others to get something from it, share your life story in hope it gives others comfort but remember do all this for the right reasons.

Don’t compete with others because if you do you’ll be competing all of your life and I can tell you now it’s an exhausting process.

As I always say put all your energies into being the best confident you, don’t waste your energy or anything less




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