Green Tea And Making The Switch


There has been so much talk about how great green tea is for you for years now and if I’m honest I’m still learning about the benefits so I thought I would share some of my findings.

Some of Green Tea’s Benefits:

  • Weight loss
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Healthy teeth
  • Cholesterol
  • Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s
  • Brain function
  • Blood pressure
  • Depression
  • Anti-viral and anti-bacterial
  • Skincare
  • Cancer
  • Stress
  • Blood Glucose Control

I started drinking Green Tea (Decaf) I prefer the taste from the decaf, which has many of the same potential health benefits. I have definitely noticed the difference; I swapped my tea (which I only drink decaf anyway) to green tea, I can vouch that it helps keeping you calm. I also feel cleansed and I do feel drinking this gives me more energy than drinking tea or coffee throughout the day. My skin has cleared up; I did suffer from the odd pimple but I notice when drinking green tea on a regular basis my skin clears up.

I have today started the Green Tea Extract tablets from Holland and barrett so I will let you guys know how I get on with these, I will give them a month. There is a great offer on at Holland and barrett at the moment buy 2 for 1, so works out at only £9.99 for 2, that’s 200 tablets, one per day, so plenty to get you through. I will continue to drink my green tea also, I will probably get through 2-3 cups a day, I like one before I sleep as it really helps to wind down. My only negative would be these have caffeine in so I will see how i get on. If anyone can recommend the same product without the caffeine I would be interested to know. However get on the green tea band wagon with Tetley’s Decaf Green Tea, it’s so good.

Hope this helps some of you thinking of making the switch to green tea. If you give it a go or have been drinking green tea instead of coffee’s and regualer teas for a while now please let me know what you think

Sarah xx


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