Confidence….the struggle. I’ve become quite robust over the years but I still at times suffer with my own confidence, in a world full of social media we are being shown an un realistic image for us girls/boys that lead ‘normal’ lives. Whether you are still at school, university, working part time or full time, to compare yourself to others that live a completely different life to yourself or even comparing yourself to a friend, someone you know at school/work, whatever the circumstance can be a very dangerous mind game.Image and perception has a huge effect on your confidence especially if you compare yourself to others on a regular basis.

 Ask yourself these questions:

What am I comparing?












…..What is it?

To focus solely on ‘image’ is really not healthy when you compare. It brings out energies that cut you down, drain confidence and can drain your personality. Firstly we should empower others ..not compete, you like their make up? Their hair? You think they have the perfect body? That’s ok…its ok to feel those things but it’s what you do after that in your head. Leave them as a compliment don’t twist your thoughts leaving yourself comparing yourself feeling like you are not good enough. You are amazing, we all have our individuality and that makes you. Embrace you for being the best you.

It can be a comparison of lifestyle, you have been with a partner for years but your friend gets married to their partner when they have only been together for 1 year, are you happy? If so, who cares? Be happy for them….you are happy. I could give example after example, but life isn’t to be sat comparing it’s yours for living so start living your life YOUR way.

Think about the emotions you feel when you compare:



Self hate?

What horrible emotions to feel they change the way you think and only YOU can turn those negative emotions around. You are in control even when you feel you aren’t, you are, its your mind, your behind the steering wheel so decide where you want to go.

NoLikesNeeded…. don’t think because a photo you post that maybe doesn’t get as many like as you think ‘socially accepted’ be proud, you posted that photo because it expresses you and you like it, and why not…you are amazing. Think nothing less.

Learn to love yourself because its true what they say, if you can’t love yourself how do you expect anyone else to love you. Find yourself and hold on tight. And remember empower others don’t compete. Everyone lives their own struggles and life you have no idea what that person may be going through, you only know yourself so make that person as awesome as you can.

So the next photo you share, don’t think about the likes think about you, and before you refresh your feed and begin the ‘comparing’ game, think twice and use your energy wisely




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