Making Time For You Is Ok


If you are like me you can sometimes run around helping everyone else, no I’m not mother Teresa but I do sometimes put myself low down on the list. From work to cleaning the house, arranging other plans you can sometimes get lost in a whirlwind of ‘plans’ finding that not one of them actually involves what you want to do, or is what you need, for you.

I’m terrible, my own worse enemy, I even feel sometimes guilty for doing the things that I want to do and those things sometimes consist of doing nothing, just sitting in my own space reading or writing, plucking my eyebrows dying my hair, walking around in a daze haha or just …well nothing. I go to the gym for me and that’s all great but what am I doing in this process, well usually rushing to the gym after work, getting there going insane for 45 minutes, leaving, going home cooking, cleaning then bed. Actually that sounds awful when you put it like that, but I like exercising it keeps me focused but when I say do something for you what I really mean is spending time with yourself, half an hour will do, just chill. Just like you make time to do all those other things, CHOOSE to do something for you.

Try it for a week ands see how you feel at the end of it, make the time like you make time for everything else make some you time, it’s needed!

If you can find a boat in the sun to go sit on just like my photo then that would work well also 😉 haha. This photo makes me smile, It’s a trip I took to visit my best friend in Australia and guess who I did that trip for ….ME.

Love Sarah



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