A Thank You To My Consultant #ICwareness


Since my last blog ‘Coping With Interstitial Cystitis’ I have had a lot of comments from others, some people not knowing anything about the condition and others who have gone through a similar story to myself. It makes me happy knowing that although on a small scale, I have created a tiny amount of awareness about IC but so much more is needed.

I made a call to the wonderful woman who got to the bottom of my condition Mrs Kalaivani Lingam, she is a Obstetrics and Gynaecology Consultant at Burton Hospital in Staffordshire. I visited her at Nuffield health in Derby when I came out of hospital in Bath. Bupa referred me to Mrs Lingam, and here I went though test after test to discover what the problem really was. Not one case of IC is the same; all can vary…so I am told. From a scan I had, Mrs Lingam found excessive scaring on one of my kidneys but luckily it was reversible, and from here the bladder instillations began.

IC can leave the bladder scared also, but in my case it was my kidney from re-occurring infections, which left my bladder very inflamed, leaving me in increasing amounts of pain. There are treatments for IC from bladder instillations to Medication, there is hope, however in a selection of cases I have been informed that if this condition is left for too long, bladder scarring can become irreversible and from this the bladder is removed, this is why it is so important that IC Awareness is heightened.

Throughout my treatment and even before the diagnoses Mrs Lingam filled me with confidence that I was going to be ok, that I could cope with this. In a time where I felt lonely, confused and a time where I couldn’t imagine feeling any better she really gave me faith, and for that I would like to thank her.

The next stage after diagnoses and treatment is diet and lifestyle and this is something I would like to share, as I am now sensitive to a lot of things due to IC. Stress and Diet can have a huge impact on the condition so balance and understanding in paramount.

Please believe in yourself and if you feel something isn’t right and you are suffering with this on an all to reoccurring basis please seek medical help



Here is a link to take a look at 🙂 – http://www.cobfoundation.org


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  1. I am currently seeing Mrs Lingam she is my saviour. I too have IC and I saw Mrs Lingam 3 years ago when she diagnosed IC I had a series of treatments including bladder installations that saved me. I have recently had a flare up of this horrible disease after 3 years without any pain so I am back under Mrs Lingam’s wing . She has put my mind at rest and reassured me that we can get this sorted again.

    Jayne Ratcliffe x

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