Share The Love

sharetheloveSo often we don’t show our love and affection for others. Maybe we are too proud, embarrassed or don’t have the time. The way I see it is, we are here once…this is our time to love unconditional and why on earth not show it. Too many people feel the need to ridicule you when you show feelings of love and affection but why? There are so many things I want to tell the people I have lost in life but I will never have a chance to now, I don’t live life with regrets but it does make me sad the fact I never told that person how much they meant to me and how much I loved them, if I could I would shout it from the roof tops so the entire world could see, but that chance has gone, so I’m certainly not going to keep making the same mistakes, I hold the people close to me dearly, I tell them how I love them, how they make my life happy, how they make me smile, how I sometimes wouldn’t know what do to without them…why? Simple, because I mean and feel it.

Tell that person how much you love them

Tell that person how grateful you are to have them in your life

Tell that person how beautiful they are

Tell that person how they make you laugh

Tell that person funny memories you have had with them

….share the love, it’s not a weakness, it’s a strength and a quality that will not only mean so much to you but mean the world to them too






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