Wine O’Clock : 5 Suggestions for IC Sufferers

wine ic

Hey guys, I hope you all have that Friday feeling J and as it’s Friday I thought what better time to talk wine #NationalDrinkWineDay

Alcohol in general for IC sufferers is not recommended during flares or recovery. However when your urinary symptoms have improved, it may be worth trying these following little suggestions:

  1. Try lower acid wines like Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio & Merlot. These may be more bladder friendly and work for you.
  1. ‘Wine on the rocks’ I would suggest this to anyone not just ICer’s. it’s so so good, not only is it fresh and chilled but it dilutes the wine making it a little more IC friendly
  1. Drink water in between glasses of wine this reduces overall irritation.
  1. Go steady, if you start to feel pain in the bladder switch to water.
  1. Have fun Remember that IC lives with you, you don’t live with IC work out how to fit it around your life and gain balance.

Have a lovely Friday


Sarah AKA a girl who likes her wine 😉


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