Thinking Out Loud

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus ? Possibly, however a women’s thought process I guess can be more on the ‘over thinking’ nature than a males. Now I’m certainly not saying this is the case for everyone, this is purely based on my experience and , well , myself.

I’m putting it out there , I over think and sometimes I over think A LOT. My boyfriend will confirm this I’m sure haha. Taking the simplest things and turning them around to be the most complicated of decisions one has ever made. This can range from simply “I’ve got to get the housework done” to “I’ve got to go get some milk” I’m laughing out loud as I write this as sometimes my train of thought and the way it affects my lifestyle is quite simply ridiculous.

I am guilty of making my life far more complicated by just my own thought process when in reality, things are sweet and life really isn’t that complicated. Which leads me to when life does actually become complicated, well when this does happen why on earth am I still worrying about the lack of milk and how I’m going to get the washing dry?! Like seriously woman, STOP (that’s what I tell myself)

Someone a know, a male said to me today , women , why do you think so much. I laughed , I had no defence as I think way too much. He is a really chilled man, I come into work stressing about the traffic on my 11 mile journey to work , whilst he’s been sat in traffic the majority of the morning on his 50 mile journey on a motorway but he’s ‘cool’ with that, he’s had a little moan where as me …well mine was like the worse journey ever.

Your boyfriend/ friend says something in a way you don’t quite get so in your head you make some story up of your own. Over thinking, it’s a fact, it can send you into a crazy person haha.
Look I can laugh at myself and I think that’s a pretty good thing but my over thinking can at times get me quite down and for that reason I’m going to take a stance. I’m 31 …been over thinking for the majority of my adult life and you know what , I’m not doing it anymore. I know,I know, it’s not as easy as that but my mission now is to stop this silly thought process and , breath , relax , save my energy for when times really are hard instead of tiring myself out about how i didn’t put the bins out on time…like , seriously ?
Those clouds that are used in meditation…well, I’m going to be all over those clouds from this point onwards. A crazy unimportant thought comes into my mind , I’m going to turn them into a cloud and let them simply float past. 

I will endeavour to keep you posted on how this works out for me, how it affects my moods, my personality , my lifestyle. Come on ladies , and those men who can relate join me. Control our thought process for a calmer life.

Love sarah 
“Peace” out 

Mwah Xx

Ps I’m not a crazy lady … Actually you best ask my boyfriend that 😉

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