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After my last blog on exercise with IC I wanted to touch on the subject of fitness and social media in general.

It can be a pretty daunting place, its full of abs, glutes, pumped muscles lean this lean that. To people starting out this can go one of two ways….it can get you motivated or make you feel defeated already. How will I fit all that exercise in? how can I eat that clean? I’m too busy! life is manic enough!

I think  we have to remember we all are individuals. We can do whatever we put our mind to, the way you read and view things determine the outcome.

Yes I sometimes look at all these fitness pages on social media and think….oh my I have a lot of work to do BUT you cannot use this to compare yourself to. Never compare, this is no competition.

Quote “Women putting other women down is like telling the world that you are more worried about your competition than your own progress”

There is always going to be someone that may have better this or better that, but you can only be you and do the best you can. I see people on instagram with amazing lean bodies and think WOW, I’m inspired by others, I’m not in a competition with them. There are so so sooo many girls/women out there showing there accomplishments at the gym, it’s no new thing…. and you know what it’s great. The before and after comparisons are amazing to, lets show how you can transform your body and pass that inspiration onto others. Don’t get caught up in being jealous or envious of others, appreciate them and empower one another.

I recently posted a photo of me in my training top, it was a photo of the start of my journey. I’ve always been slim’ish’ but I want to tone and want my little abs back and that’s exactly what I’m going to do, and with the HELP of social media to push me along and keep telling me ‘look I can do it so can you’ that’s what it’s all about isn’t it? I’m showing my progression, and strangely showing it instantly makes me feel more serious about doing so. Show the world your journey and view others with empowerment not jealousy.

This is aimed at women, but guys too, exactly the same, let’s all cheer and push one another on. I may see one of my friends posting a photo of their body transformation and I think ‘I want that…NOW haha’ but I also think good on them, hard work pays off! You get what you put in, simple.

So lets get together and support one another in this fitness craze, there’s no competition to be seen here, instead empowerment and applaud for everyone who is on this journey. Allow others in, you may be sat there thinking, I cant go to the gym I’ll look silly?! I can tell you now, you won’t, you will look like everyone else in there, someome taking control and part of this fitness community.

Be supportive never envious and empower. There are a lot of people on the same journey so give them so respect too.




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