A Thought

Conor Mc

I have become to love Conor Mcgregor and his inspirational talk thanks to my boyfriend, he sees him as an inspiration for his sporting profession and you know what he is quite an inspiration for life in general. His words make so much sense and can be used to view so many situations in a different light. Many may not agree with me on this, but I like the way his mind works.

I’ve stolen this quote from my boyfriend…We all have thoughts and we are in control of what we think, what we see, how we act, how we treat others and how we treat ourselves.

We are always going to think our own little thoughts, sometimes we can beat ourselves up, put ourselves down, put barriers in our way, give ourselves limits and talk ourselves out of situations, but why? As in this quote ‘you gotta feel some way’ so why not make your feelings the most positive you can. Choose what enters that mind of yours.

From being an inspiring athlete/sports star, to working your way through the ranks at work, to being the best of friend, partner, wife, husband, Mother, father, child, granddaughter, employee, employer…the list goes on, we can all use this in a mindful way. Life is full of complications along the way and some we are not in control of so embrace what we are in control of, making yourself in turn stronger to deal with any complications that may come your way. It doesn’t always go your way, but keep yourself strong, keep the thought process strong and positive and choose what how you are going to make this work for you in the best possible way. You can turn things around with a simple positive thought.

This is your life, be the best you can, be unstoppable, unbeatable keep moving forward and only learn from the past never use it to stop you moving on with your future. Things are sent to test you, to make you stronger. And as the saying goes, it never gets easier; you just get stronger… works exactly the same with your mind.

Be brave, be strong, and be positive. Control the mind process and think before you fall down the negative route, the simplest of positive thoughts can set you back on the right track in an instant. We never loose we learn.




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