Aren’t You Worried?

arent you worriedI am hugely guilty of being a worrier, although the more aware of this I am the more I can now convince myself that there is simply no need. At times I sit back and wonder what on earth I really had to worry about. What does a worry really help? Does it really help you? Has it actually ever helped a situation or influenced any situation in a positive way?

 Aren’t you worried? Would it help?

I feel that to be at one with yourself and your thought process worrying needs to be controlled. We all worry, but it is to what level we take it. Think of a situation that recently had you worrying and remember how that made you feel? Was it a good feeling or did it make you feel more anxious about a decision you had to make.

Worrying about your future is one worry I have had over and over again. All the worrying I have done has never got me any further it has actually been a hindrance to myself never a positive. It has only ever held me back because I have not trusted or believed in myself. Instead listening to what feels right inside instead of worrying about an outcome that hasn’t even happened is the only positive way to look at a situation.

The way I see it is, things come into your life at times, some good, some bad, but worry stays throughout. Even when things are great, worry can creep in, you ask yourself, do I deserve this? Will it last? You can wait for things to go wrong and without you even knowing, worry has left you with nothing, loosing what was good in your life because you pushed it away.

Worry will always be there, it’s human nature, but the way you control it is what will change an outcome. Worrying fixes nothing; actually doing something to allow a situation to work for you is the only way for a positive outcome. If you are happy, and life is good, live it up, don’t ‘make’ a worry for yourself because life can be tough, you must enjoy the good times, carefree, allowing worry to slip away because for this moment its ok to be happy.

The point to worry? There is none. The subsequent actions from worry only lead to negatives that tie you down, preventing you from moving forward and being strong.

You’ve got this, believe in it. You can’t control most outcomes but you can control your reaction to them. 




(The words ‘Aren’t you worried? Would it help?’ were taken from the film ‘Bridge of Spies’ look it up, worth a watch xx)

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