Candle Dupes : Jo Malone V Shearer

12953125_10100523909800108_540719848_oThere is one thing that makes our homes cosy and that is candles. Some leave no scent and are pretty useless but some are like walking into beautiful perfumed room.

So what are good?

Jo Malone 🌸 their candles are so beautiful and fill the room within minutes, lasting for hours after. Pomegranate noir is my personal favourite deep rich intense smell… However this is great if you have lots of money to spend regularly on candles ranging from £22 – £280 they aren’t cheap. Great idea for gifts but a tad too much for your everyday candle, for me anyway.
So what’s the alternative? Get yourself to@tescoliving @shearercandles  are amazing and only £5 for these tins. For me the amber noir (on the right) is very similar to pomegranate noir by @jomalonelondon fills the room with such a deep and mysterious scent I love it. The price is 👌 affordable and does the job just like my more expensive Jo Malone
Next time out shopping @tescoliving pick one up and give it a go, so lovely 🌸@shearercandles
Candle dupes 💕





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