Highlighter Tips : MAC




I love social media for the pure fact you can learn so many little tricks from other bloggers and insta’s it’s great. For me I work full time in a complete different industry to the beauty and fashion world but it’s a hobby and interest to me, one I could talk about all day long.

I recently started following sneakersnlipstick on Instagram , this lovely lady is full of beauty tips and tricks. I came across a tip yesterday that has actually saved me some money…which is always a bonus. I was going out to buy a new highlighter, I currently use MAC soft & Gentle, it’s a compact powder and in my opinion tends to just sit on top of the skin. At first it highlights so lovely but i feel it wears off quite fast so I wanted to try something new, that was until i came across sneakersnlipstick little tip. I also currently use MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ and this is also used in her tip…

I tried this morning and it works so well, still shimmering now..

Spray with MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ then apply MAC Soft & Gentle Highlighter

The Highlighter sticks to the Prep+Prime Fix + therefore lasting longer and also leaving a really nice glimmer to the skin.

Thanks to sneakersnlipstick for this tip, i won’t be going out to buy a new highlighter, save my money and use the products I already have. Perfect




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