Confidence Is Key

12999536_10100528605624638_1436059147_oIt’s a funny thing confidence and it’s something that can effect so many aspects in your life. Our Confidence is something that you and I are in full control of. In my opinion confidence is something you are brought up with. If you have Been fuelled with it through your childhood, made to feel you can succeed at anything you put your mind to, generally you go through school, college, uni, work, life with greater belief in yourself pushing you forward in your future.
If not then as you grow up you learn that confidence is something you must learn to handle. Figuring out where you lack in confidence and working out a way to build on it, confidence changes your direction in life totally. With it you really feel you can conquer anything you put your mind to, without it you live with self doubt questioning your beliefs and actions.
Or neither of these two, you’ve been brought up to believe in yourself but yet you still question yourself, and still live with that self doubt. However correct me if I’m wrong but confidence starts at an early age and to have the support of family is key for future belief in yourself.
When I was younger I lacked so much confidence, I’ve always been brought up around big groups of people but for years I would be the quiet one, I lacked belief in myself which affected a few things in my life. I struggled with it, some people would see it as an ignorance but honestly it would all boil down the the fact I would shy away from situations. It’s only because of my job I feel I’ve learnt to work on this, I’ve learnt a lot and being confident in the right places is key to move forward in life, making you a better person in the process.
We could all do with a little help from confidence at times and this is exactly why we should always be kind to others. You never know what they are dealing with in life so never be too quick to judge.
If you have a good group of friends, you’re winning, the type of friends that are there through everything, the loyal trust worthy people that support and fill you with confidence when you really need it, those are life’s treasures, hold those close.
Life is never perfect, but focus on the positives as much as you possibly can because that is what will pull you through. To focus on the negatives will only ever be a wasted energy dragging you further down into a world where you and your confidence do not belong.
Take some time out for yourself and figure out where you lack the confidence and work on this bit by bit. Don’t be embarrassed by it and talk to those close to you, view their reactions and take their advice because after all they know you best and at low times know you better than yourself.
Confidence can change your life, it honestly can. I talk about confidence in a kind light, not in an arrogant or ignorant matter. So as I always say be kind. Life is yours for the taking , we have one shot and lacking confidence can really hold you back from all of the beautiful things that life has to offer you, if you and your confidence allow it.


One thought on “Confidence Is Key

  1. Hi Sara ,
    I appreciate what you expressed about confidence since i could relate to what you wrote. I have done a lot of work with myself through the years to fight biggest enemy of confidence, which in my case has been self condemnation. For many years i thought that the lack of confidence was a result of my struggling with weight problems. Now i know that hopping on and off in the sickening roller coaster ride of weight loss – weight gain was a symptom of self condemnation which contributed to my lack of confidence. I am happy to say that i am in really good place now because i pay close attention not only how i feed my body right but also my mind.I also appreciate some of your other posts that you wrote.I am glad that even though you have had stumbling stones along your way you have CHOSEN to turn them into stepping stones to build yourself from inside out. Keep up the positivity & good spirit and of course keep on writing. All the best , Kleida.

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