Waterproof Mascara : Hold That Curl

To hold the curl waterproof mascara is your tool.

I use Max Factor 2000 Calorie Waterproof Mascara, although some beauty editors suggest not to use everyday I have been using it regularly and I’ve never had any problems, my lashes are in good condition. Some days I don’t use mascara just to give my lashes a break however if I am out and about for a day and I will always use my waterproof mascara.


A waterproof formula is thicker and prevents moisture from getting to your lashes. Some say this can make it more dry and brittle, especially after everyday wear. But this is what grabs the curl and holds it throughout the day. If you use oils like rose hip oil to remove you will find it dissolves the mascara removing it from lashes without force.


I would highly recommend the Max Factor 2000 calorie Waterproof mascara. This mascara is great as you can see on my photos it really lifts and holds the curl. I also would like to point out I took these photos in the morning and went to the gym after, worked out and still the curl stayed put without any smudges. Just to show you the comparison i have only used mascara on one eye.


It is recommended to change your mascara after each 3 months. So perhaps buy a mascara for the summer season and see how you get on.

To apply, curl the lashes then apply a couple coats. I wouldn’t recommend curling again when you have mascara on, you really don’t need to with this mascara, it does the job with one curl.





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