Have Courage

have courage

My grandma wrote this for my dad a very long time ago. It’s such a beautiful read. My dad has always had courage and I guess growing up I learnt from this, taking chances and having the courage to go get what I want from life. Where I may lack confidence in other areas I have learnt get what you want in life you must put the hard work in also.

Life doesn’t necessarily go the way you plan. I had plenty of ‘expectations before I turned 30 but these were ‘expectations,’ I spent a few years focusing solely on what I felt I ‘should’ be doing completely forgetting what I was doing and all of the things I had accomplished, the places I have travelled, the lessons I have learnt, the hard work I have put in to give myself a comfortable lifestyle, the courage I have taken for the best life for myself, the amazing friends I have made along the way, the family that are there to pick me up when I need them, but I am only just starting to see all of this now.

Material things don’t matter, however I have worked hard and managed myself to own a nice house, a nice car, nice clothes etc, to me these are part of my choices in life. I have a fantastic family amazing friends and boyfriend and these are really what make life the happiest.

I ‘expected’ things to happen and they didn’t, married and children by 30 …all the things that seem ‘socially correct’ but this didn’t happen, I wasted far too much time focusing on my own expectations and now I’m happier because I don’t put so much pressure on myself.

We are all destined for different things at different times and we must believe in our own destiny instead of comparing or feeling under pressure from what others feel is appropriate. I have focused my courage on every other aspect in my life and almost forgot what really makes me happy. Being happy for me is letting go of high expectations of myself and just ‘being.’ Who knows what the future holds but having courage and belief in your own destiny is to me, key.

I wish I had read this all those years ago in a different way, the way I read it today and realised that courage is not just making your way in your job, working hard and making big grown up decisions on your own but it is also believing in yourself and your choices allowing courage to be by your side and letting instinct do the rest. Life changes constantly and if you focus too much on your ‘expectations’ you will loose touch with instinct.

Never be afraid of life, at failing the test just summon courage to your side and instinct does the rest.

My grandma was a wise women I wish she could have watched me grow and shared more of her wisdom with me during my adult years, but for now I will spend my time being me, living, enjoying, laughing and knowing that courage and instinct are by my side.




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