Balmule House, Fife

I haven’t blogged for a while as sometimes I get a little confused on what I should and shouldn’t write about. Then I thought , this is me, my life , my working life, all the things that I do and enjoy and the entire point was to share stories and experiences. Some may be health some may be beauty, some travel , some life lessons but all are part of life.

I wanted to share a little blog about my recent stay at balmule house in Fife , Scotland. Me and boyfriend are away again for another weekend, and this weekend he is racing in the British Superbikes at Knockhill. We travelled up early and booked a last minute hotel and as last minutes go balmule house is a little Scottish gem and a pretty cool last minute booking. They have many weddings there and I can totally see why. We arrived around 10 pm and left at 10am the next day but if we could have stayed longer we would. It was blissful and reminded me about the unexpected travel you fall upon and the places you visit because of this. I could easily spend a couple nights here relaxing enjoying the views and the country side. I have been coming to this race track since …well I was 10/11 years old and never have i ventured out from the track apart from a quick journey to the shops for food. This is crazy …the places around are stunning and the stay at balmule house only proved to me that I must enjoy more of the surroundings around me instead of being blinkered! 

Thanks to the lovely people at Balmule house for making us feel like we had just rocked up at home except to a much larger house and beautiful views.

And if you are away on work, or thinking about a trip away think differently and explore out of your little zone because there are so many hidden gems out there for you to enjoy. 



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