Ground yourself 

We often think too much about how to act and deal with bad things, we spend time preparing which I agree learning mindfulness is an amazing tool to have but we should spend less time worrying. Worrying about how you will deal with something before it even happens. It’s quite amazing how you are capable of dealing with circumstances when you have no choice, you simply buckle up and get on the ride, there is no other option. 

The best way I feel you can prepare yourself for ‘life’ is simply to have belief in yourself and strength. Everyday have faith, for me it’s not religion it’s having faith in myself and looking no further than that. Wake up and think what can I tackle today, not ‘how’ am I going to tackle today. 

Bad Things happen to good people. There’s no rhyme or reason for it. If you simply live each day finding happiness in nature and within yourself, Taking in fresh air, noticing smells and sounds around, Feeling grounded, Taking notice of the seasons changing and the beauty of it. This is your world and your special enough to be here and the world really is at your finger tips. You don’t have to plan that ‘travel the world trip’ for years to come and fixate yourself on that and not do anything in between or after,  you can simply walk out of your front door and explore what is literally on your doorstep. It’s how you look at things you see, all you need to do is breath in, open your eyes, allow noise to travel through and stand grounded and in that moment you will just be and that’s the happiest feeling. It’s free too!

I’ve over complicated so many situations and never did I believe in regret, but I do now. Not in the negative down and out way, I just feel a little disappointed in my choices, the pressure I’ve put on myself. They say things are sent to test you, so if that’s true take as many positives from it as you can do, it will shape you not just in a distant future way but immediate future, in a way you never knew possible, live in the now and stay forever grounded. 




One thought on “Ground yourself 

  1. Hi Sarah
    I totally agree with your sentiment. Having gone through very desperate situations I’ve always held that mantra ‘bad things happen to good people’.
    You change the negativity that life gives you into positivity, making sure there is a legacy to give, to allow others to experience life!
    Sending love ❤️ your way

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