The aim of my blog 💕

The Photo above is myself and my fiancé, he shaved his hair for me to raise money for my charity, That’s also my cheap £15 Ebay wig works wonders under a hat 😂 also in the photo Jayne a friend of mine who helped shave everyone’s hair , I personally think she took great pleasure in it getting some of the guys back 😆 thank you Jayne and thank you to my amazing fiancé I love you.

Here goes:

I created my original working girl life blog to write, to share all the things I love, and express myself. Little did I know 2 years down the line I would be writing about my breast cancer journey.

Social media, share your story right? The good and the bad be honest and open. I chose to do just that to share my cancer journey. Why? Support yes but Not for sympathy, you can keep that away, but for these reasons “gone off roading”

  • For me. Writing frees space in my mind. Being open and honest allows me to be honest with myself. Read and think, “I’ve got this”
  • For others going through this journey, “strength in numbers” seek comfort and allow others not to feel alone and help to understand that talking openly really does help ease the pain.
  • For others that don’t like the look of the “c” word, It’s all too real? Well it is. I never thought “it would happen to me” I had a stereotype of Cancer, what I quickly realised once diagnosed is that I had it all wrong. Allow me to show anyone with the same stereotypes, your wrong.
  • Awareness. Raise awareness. If others check and become more aware of breast cancer then this has all been worth it. Even it’s just that one person who never checked their breasts (like myself) and they do now, well I’ve succeeded in what I set out to do with my blog. To get the right attention yes but not to “seek” attention this is not in my nature.

And there we have it 💕 biggest fight, you don’t see boxers going into the ring defeated you certainly won’t see me doing so either. I’m fighting fit and strong, this is a temporary road block, it’s temporary, it will be moved soon, I’ll drive around it and continue on my journey of life happily the other side singing whilst having learnt a lot about myself using it in the most positive of ways.

Talk to me, share stories with me let’s be positive and fight this together. Strength in numbers.

Thank you for the photo doubleredphoto ❤️

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