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Hi I’m Sarah 

I want to start by telling you a little bit about how Nourish Flourish Me become part of my new beautiful world. At 33 years old I was a young fit and healthy woman, recently engaged to marry the love of my life, I really believed I was then living my best life until August 14th 2017, my life changed overnight, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

I have never experienced fear like it, but something unexpected happened, in my darkest of days, the days when I wasn’t sure how to get through,  I found myself. I found happiness, I found joy and I started to take note of my body, my mind and my soul, I learnt to appreciate myself and I learnt self care. Through 7 months of chemotherapy, 3 surgeries and 5 weeks of radiotherapy I explored every inch of my mind and there was one powerful hidden gem, a hidden passion within that came to my aid, that gave me the strength at a time where all I wanted to do was crumble and that was powerfulness of nourishing my body through what I chose to eat, this became my therapy, I changed my lifestyle, I chose to go plant based and I learnt to cook all over again, in this process I learnt so much about myself, how my body responded to the fuel I gave it.

For me the aim was to become nourished, my body was hit with months of chemotherapy I decided to play a part of my own repair and I did this through the love of good food, soul food, this was my escape and it gave me a sense of empowerment,  giving me strength and a hole heap of optimism.

July 2018 I finally received the news I had wanted to hear for 11 months, I was in remission. Cancer will never define me but cancer ignited my passion, my passion to cook and share my experiences hoping to help others find their way through mindfully cooking, to nourish and to flourish.



10 thoughts on “Welcome To Nourish Flourish Me

  1. You are so inspiring!! Thank you for blogging about it. 🙂 Following you from Houston Texas!
    What stage breast cancer do you have? I was diagnosed in October with stage 2, grade 3 and HER2 positive. Wishing a year of healing and health!!!

    1. Thank you I hope this new year brings you happiness …we deserve lots of that. I am stage 1 grade 3 HR+ PR+
      I’m glad that my blog has reached you, strength in numbers hey we can all learn together xx

  2. Thank you for sharing sarah. Blogging is so cathartic right?

    How far along in chemo are you? And what treatment plan are you on?

    Good luck and speedy recovery.

    1. It so is ? It’s helped me
      So much. I am half way through . My chemo tomorrow has been delayed as my immune system is once again too low, I start a new drug taxol? I will have 12 weekly of this …
      What about yourself ? Xx

      1. I have my second EC chemo tomorrow. Then two more after that. Three week gaps between each. Then taxol starts early March for 12 weeks like you.

      2. How are you with it ? I found that walking as much as I could really helped , I felt stronger for it. Even if some of the walks were short at times x

      3. We have the rest of our lives to exercise to loose weight, getting through chemo needs strength however that is. yoga and walking 🙌🏻 xx sending you much love

  3. Sarah, you sound like a very brave woman – well done to you for that.
    My wife has had breast cancer 4 times now, having had it surgically removed each time. The first was beck in 1995 when her lymph nodes were removed at the same time as the cancer.
    Nothing until 4 years ago at Christmas and then each Christmas for the next 2 years. Happy Christmas!!
    This last time she ended up having radiation that has knocked her around considerably.
    She and we will survive, we have to with too much to live for even though we are old timers, 65 and 70.
    Wishing you all the very best in your battle and you will survive, you have the right attitude to win – well done.

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