Nutrition and Cancer : The healthiest version of myself I can be

There seems no getting away from diet and nutrition, there is a constant jumble of information that can at times be forced upon you. A high Percentage of my food choices were based on how best to look appearance wise, having a, ‘nice figure’ but now that percentage has totally changed and my basis for food choices are all about fighting back at cancer, but, I have never been more confused about it due to the ever-changing opinions of those in the “know.”

There appears to be so many conflicting articles out there, research shows this, research shows that, but that research would be different if it was for this…. Do I sound vague??… good I am. With studies, research, books, documentaries, more than ever there is enormous focus being put on nutrition and cancer, but why is everyone fighting one another about it?

To hear those three dreaded words, “You have cancer,” is enough to get your head around. When you eventually make some sense of it all, you start to take steps forward, steps to help yourself. Whilst making such steps you do however come up against stumbling blocks which once again leave you feeling utterly confused about how best to make those moves forward.

Before my diagnosis I was healthy, my nutritional choices were good, I did eat meat, eggs and dairy (however I did cut dairy out mid 2017) but all in all I had a ‘balanced’ diet. I was a healthy weight, in the gym four times a week and always out walking. The start of 2017 I set out to really make myself the fittest and healthiest I had ever, I had been feeling quite tired majority of the time so I wanted to do something to ease this, little did I know the tiredness was probably due to my changing body. I’ve never been one for sweet things, yes I had them occasionally but if honest I’ve always been conscious of trying to stay trim that I avoided them as much as I could. Through all of this I did feel that something wasn’t right, although I was doing everything I thought to be correct my body was trying to tell me something was going wrong.

Hey Google

How is cancer caused? Does sugar feeds cancer? Can meat and dairy cause cancer? Will going plant based naturally reduce tumours?

You only have to put those questions into google to see the list of conflicting information that is shown. I have recently been quite overwhelmed by the amount of conflicting information out there, and honestly, disgusted in the way some organisations are handling it. We all want to stop cancer, we all want a cure, yes? Well why on earth are we fighting about the best way to look after our health? Going round and round in circles and not getting anywhere fast!

The world has once again gone mad. I’m highly aware that there is one thing that will always lie beneath this ‘fight’ against nutrition and that is money. After all Money makes the world go round right? WRONG! What makes the world go round is being alive to be in it! I have researched and researched, then done some more research, I have a curious nature and always wish to be well-informed before making any decision. At times this can be inhibiting as I tend to analyse things in great depth before making a decision, however when it comes to my health and wellbeing I believe we all should. Making rational choices with research and feeling confident in those choices, not to just accept ‘that’s just the way it is.’ …ask ‘Why is it?’

What is the truth about nutrition and cancer? and why can’t the credited research be completed when it comes to nutritional factors? Right now,  For me it’s quite simple, what can “I” do to help myself.

Looking after your nutrition is so very important, that’s why I can’t quite understand anyone who wouldn’t suggest looking at your diet and seeing ways you can improve it. Yes there are those that eat rubbish, drink, smoke and have no problems, but I’m not that person, so what do I do? My body unfortunately got sick and wound up with breast cancer, I want to know what I can do.

My decisions

I have gone plant based. I have done my research and educated myself. The doctor hasn’t told me too and many people still give that look of, ‘oh yea another on that band wagon’ look, but what would you do?

Taking Control

I have accepted chemo, I’ll accept surgery and I’ll accept radiotherapy. Last night I sat and had this huge, massive, overwhelming feeling of gratitude, I can’t almost explain it, but I am responding to treatment and although the treatment can be hard, I am very thankful, SO thankful that I can have it, it’s making me better, it’s saving my life.  I’ve accepted that I have no control over chemo, it comes into your body and can go a multiple of ways, sometimes I get sick, get tired, my body aches, low moods, the list goes on, but I ask myself what do I have control of? I have control over my own well being. To me it’s simple, I am going to put the best foods into my body that I can, and for me that falls in the realm of a plant based diet. This isn’t a quick fix, this is a lifestyle change because after all my life has been turned upside down so I am going to take as many positives I can.

To the people out there who can make a difference, STOP ARGUING, whilst nutrition and cancer seems to be such a hot topic in the media right now can some one, some where please do something to balance it all out!

I would hate the thought of others out there feeling so dragged down with all this information flying around, not knowing where to start or what to do for the best. To be sat worrying about what you are eating, feeling to overwhelmed because of the media that you aren’t just battling cancer you end up on this confused fight against your diet too.

I haven’t included any data in this blog, simply because the Internet has plenty of that, but I did want to share my views. I will not be someone who pushes a certain ‘nutritional diet’, however I have come to understand that taking control of your own health and well-being whilst having cancer treatment can do amazing things. Here are some of them which I have felt:

  • Going plant based has increased my energy levels through chemo, none of those horrid spikes in my blood sugar.
  • Making a decision on my health for me, by me, has left me feeling empowered.
  • taking time to read and learn has opened my eyes to things I may have never of looked at before
  • Taking control has reduced my secondary worrying as I am now ‘doing’ I feel great about my choices.
  • I’m listening to my body understand more of what my body wants.
  • I Get excited about cooking, the food is so much more tasty.
  • I feel proud of myself.

We could argue all day long whether or not this way of life works, what foods should be cut out, vegan, veggie, plant based, meat eaters, quitting dairy, whatever …but it’s all quite simple to me from those benefits to my ~well-being above, and right now my well being is more than ever the most important part of my life.

My Advice

If you are totally overwhelmed with WHAT TO EAT then just take a step back from the internet craze for a moment. Think about what it is you want to Get from your food choices. Write them down and then think about your current diet and see where you can make improvements. Nutrients are, well, nutritious, your body needs nutrition. I don’t need to sell a plant based diet, because that’s not my reasons for choosing it. My reasons are to get my body full of goodness, to help my poor immune system out, and I want to cut out the foods that give it a bad time. I want more energy, I want to be ‘fighting fit’ and right now that’s how I feel. I want cancer never to return, but ultimately I want to live the best version of me and feel bloody great about it. If you make a decision that allows you to feel the best you’ve felt then that decision was the right one. Don’t feel pressured into anything, do it for you.

Going back to my opening paragraph in this blog, I had it all wrong. Making food choices primarily for how I looked on the ‘outside’ now seems crazy, I was missing the point, the point should have been to live the healthiest version of myself that I can, that should have been the no 1 goal. From succeeding at that, the rest will fall into place, plus making your decisions based on this will be far more sustainable. It’s taken this cancer journey to really open my eyes, and you know what I am thankful for that. I have always been healthy but my purpose was wrong. My purpose is on the right track now and that is to simply be,

the healthiest version of myself that I can be

“Start by doing what’s necessary, then do what’s possible, and then suddenly you are doing the impossible.” Frances of Assisi

Please leave comments and share your thoughts, I read everything and it really helps interacting with others, ‘Strength in numbers’

Oh and check out some of my delicious looking food 😉

Love Sarah xx


11 thoughts on “Nutrition and Cancer : The healthiest version of myself I can be

  1. You know how proud of you I am, once again you have made me even prouder.
    Oh yes, I can’t wait to try that curry 😘

  2. Sarah this is all so true and so amazing that you have taken this step to help your body fight this. We always worry about what we look like on the outside when it really is the inside we should be considering. I have been cooking some deliciously Ella meals myself recently and I love them, reading your story and watching my sister battle cancer last year has made me feel very differently about a lot of things. I no we don’t see each other now but I think your truly amazing and keep going strong beautiful lady 😘

  3. Hi Sarah it’s Martin just want to know if I messaged you could let me know about your diet you are on as you know I need to keep my weight down and fluid level low just that some foods i can’t have I saw a few wonderful meals you make . If you could let me know thank you Sarah x


    Hello lovely..
    After reading your blog I have just watched the above film…
    Looking at natural ways in which to make changes, be open minded, watch the film, explore the doctors and research they have completed. I believe in natural remedies, although once very sceptical of oils and their properties I have been converted, not to the extreme, I’m by no means an expert just inquisitive …

    Much love 💗

  5. Sarah your strength and positivity amazes me every time I read your blog but this one really hits home for me. The overwhelm with what ‘works’ and what doesn’t for a variety of health conditions when faced with researching on the net is at times unbearable, especially when you try something that has worked for one, you believe could be your answer but leaves you feeling exhausted and defeated all over again. Listening to your body, believing in yourself and doing what is right for you is the only true answer, even if that can take time to master! I’m so glad you are finding your power through this and I have no doubt you will conquer anything in your path. Thank you for finding the strength to put words to what others are undoubtedly feeling. You are an inspiration.x

  6. Hi Sarah
    I found your blog via the facebook attention re grid girls, I’ll share a little story, my 23yo daughter in 1st grade was part of a class discussion about what they thought they want to be when all grown up, donna with much pride informed the class she was going to be the “pretty” girl who helps the drag cars go back on the line after a burnout, her teacher wrote me a letter about it claiming that she had never had such a delightful response.
    I have been reading your blog, i was going to do one to empower and educate about my leaukemia and chemo journey as its rare but man i loose so many hours “resting” or asleep, but i just wanted to reach out and say go you honey, i too am embracing a nutritional change to enhance my immune system and best flush the toxins out as they complete their job, and no i cannot control whats happened in my body or what chemo i now need to have, but i can choose how i get through this, i can also choose what i eat (on a good day, when i want to eat) So thank you for your positive and honest blogs, all the best as you walk your road. 🤗

    1. We sound like we both have the same outlook , taking positive control of what we can …it’s empowering don’t you think, ? When you have so little control of all that comes with chemo to make healthy nutritional choices with food and light exercise like walking when having energy really makes you feel you have some control right?
      I’m sure that little girl is watching you and learning strength , she won’t just grow up as a pretty girl, but a strong pretty girl inside and out
      Sending you lots of love throughout this crazy journey x x x x

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