Walking my way through cancer: Literally

The beginning of my Journey

The day I was diagnosed I knew that some aspects of my life would have to change, but I had to train my brain to think ‘this is temporary’ I knew life wouldn’t be quite the same again , but when it comes to doing all the things I enjoy, I wasn’t ever going to it allow it to stop me in the future. The word ‘Chemotherapy’ came down on me like a tonne of bricks, I had pre conceptions of what this was, and of course google added to those. I was and have always been the active type, even the morning beforee going to the doctors with ‘said’ lump in breast I was at the gym at 6.30am, I loved to keep fit. Although the last thing on my mind when I discovered what lay ahead for me was ‘keeping fit’ there was a big part that was certainly not going to allow myself to lose myself to this.

Choose to Walk

I was always out walking with our dog, but I didn’t realise what a huge part walking would play throughout chemotherapy. I can remember going on a walk shortly after I had been diagnosed, I wanted to walk to get lost, just keep going, and that’s pretty much what I did. I went out one day and just walked, turned my phone off and walked. I listened to the birds, I noticed the change in the season, I even noticed more than ever the fresh clear air, the sun, the clouds, the blue sky, the fields, the tress, I didn’t want to think about anything apart from being in that moment, I wanted to take in what was around me, I wanted to stop and take in everything I missed before because I was always too busy to notice. I wanted time to stop and in that moment everything slowed right down, I had time to gather my thoughts and I actually gave myself time to breath. I made a deal with myself, from that moment onwards I would walk everyday I could, and I would each day notice what is around me. So I did just that. I knew that when chemo started I would experience some fatigue both physically and emotionally so I was going to have to slow down my fitness routine as it was but I knew that I could walk each day, for my own sanity, and I believe that we all must keep as active as we can without pressure, but finding something that works, works for the mind and keeps your body moving.

Before my diagnosis 

I was in the gym four times each week, PT once a week, I did feel frustrated and quite confused when I was diagnosed. Can I still train as hard through chemo? Will it work against me? Will it make me even more tired? Will it wipe my already depleted energy levels? I asked my oncologist and the only advice he gave me was not to allow tiredness to get the better of me.

I walk every day I can, I walk anything between 3-10 k depending on how I feel. I still do at home work outs, but much lighter resistance and intensity. I feel proud of myself too, and there’s no better feeling than that.

Letting go of feelings that would only hold me back

At first I was quite angry, angry at the fact I was the fittest I had ever been and I had cancer, how could that be?! Well…unfortunately cancer doesn’t discriminate. From this I actually started to realise that because I had always kept fit I really believe it has and still is helping me through chemotherapy. Staying active has 100% made me stronger both physically and mentally.

Breast Cancer Care : Pink Ribbon Walk

Get involved with Breast Cancer Care and take part in the Pink Ribbon Walk. Get those walking shoes on and get moving, walk with family and friends, make new friends, we don’t have to fight this alone. x x x x


Walk on your own, walk with friends, walk with family, but however you choose to do it use this as your time out, your breath of fresh air quite literally.

Love Sarah


One thought on “Walking my way through cancer: Literally

  1. My Dad told me to go out and walk after we lost Ben. You’re so right Sarah about taking in that moment, seeing the change of season, listening to the breeze, feeling the rain.
    I still walk for my own well being and I’ve chosen yoga and barre instead of the up tempo high intensity style of exercise purely for my mind set.
    You are amazing Sarah, you’ve become so inspirational, not only for those going through cancer but for other women faced with a ‘challenge’.
    Lots of Love 💕 #25 💚🧡

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