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The Story

What started as a kind thought from a long time family friend Barry and Lorna Symmmons began an amazing start to raising more awareness for breast cancer. An incredible £1500 was raised from the donations put towards these bands with their kind idea and thought, and from that more and more asked where they could get them from, so here we are now.

IMG_6933_Facetune_24-03-2018-08-53-26The Philosophy

Again what started as an almost tongue and cheek approach to some playful fundraising began a philosophy of why we all should really Love Breasts. My passion for raising awareness of breast cancer especially to younger women is that from experience. Diagnosed at 33 in August 2017, I was totally unaware and not educated enough on how to check my Breasts, so, out of sight out of mind I never checked them. Scares me to think of this now, if you follow my story you will know that I only came across this large lump in my right breast because my dog was jumping on that area one night.

I want to get the word out there, and I want us to love our breasts, to love our bodies. To get to know what is our ‘norm’ from this point with monthly checks we can monitor changes, and if we experience any changes we are educated on what to do next, and that means getting a second opinion from a doctor. Never ever feel you are wasting any doctors time, yes in an age where a doctor appointment is at times difficult to get and fit into our ‘busy’ life schedules, we must not use this as an excuse.

Get to love your breasts with no shame or embarrassment, feel them and look at them with love. I sit here now with my diagnoses and I wish I had loved them more, not criticised the way they ‘looked’ for aesthetically reasons, I wish I had given them more kind attention, and yes, I wish I had been better educated on how to check them.

So here I am now,  spreading the word because of my experience, and even though my cancer is in my breast I want others to find that Love for them, I am all for PREVENTION. Who knows what the future holds for my boobies, but I will always be thankful for my little pooch bringing my awareness to my lump, and I will from this point onwards always be passionate about creating awareness for breast cancer.


If you follow my journey you will have seen the fund-raising  I have been doing. Please take a read of my fundraising page for more information. I am giving back to those that not only help me but help so many others too. For these little bands,  the funding raised will be split across my chosen charities.

The #LoveBreasts

Well these little band bundles are going to be placed around wherever I can get them.

Where will they be available:

British Superbike Events 

Friends : My friends are helping me spread the #LoveBreasts word taking bundles to their work place and spamming their socials with getting the word out. So thanks friends 🙂

AND ME. I am happy to post the bands to you, I will post out once a week. All I ask for is a donation of £10 for 3 bands which includes postage. If you can send donations via Paypal and send to workinggirllife@outlook.com please add your name and address.

ALL PROFIT GOES STRAIGHT BACK INTO MY FUNDRAISING POT. Let’s together spread the #LoveBreasts word. If I could shake the me before diagnosis I would so I’m going to have a little go at shaking others 😉 in the kindest of way obvs.


The Sharing (Is really caring)

For anyone who donates and picks themselves a fancy little Love Breasts band I ask one little thing. Share a photo, a selfie with the #LoveBreasts and #BreastCancer Lets together get the word out and lets focus on #prevention

Thank you to everyone for the amazing support, the dark days I have, support picks me back up, I wish I could really put into words how this helps, but trust that it does, more than you know.

All my love



If anyone wants to share the word with me drop me an email workinggirllife@outlook.com

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