A Thought

I have become to love Conor Mcgregor and his inspirational talk thanks to my boyfriend, he sees him as an inspiration for his sporting profession and you know what he is quite an inspiration for life in general. His words make so much sense and can be used to view so many situations in a [...]

Thinking Out Loud

   Men are from Mars, women are from Venus ? Possibly, however a women's thought process I guess can be more on the 'over thinking' nature than a males. Now I'm certainly not saying this is the case for everyone, this is purely based on my experience and , well , myself. I'm putting it [...]

Wine O’Clock : 5 Suggestions for IC Sufferers

Hey guys, I hope you all have that Friday feeling J and as itโ€™s Friday I thought what better time to talk wine #NationalDrinkWineDay Alcohol in general for IC sufferers is not recommended during flares or recovery. However when your urinary symptoms have improved, it may be worth trying these following little suggestions: Try lower [...]