When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2017 my entire world as I knew it changed. In that moment it felt as though someone had hit pause and everything felt quiet, but It was the moments after that hit me the most. Suddenly I was propelled into this fast forward speed, a rabbit in headlights looking for an escpae route that didn’t exist. What did exist however was the incredible support that I would rapidly come into contact with. The breast cancer nurses and the oncology department was the first place I felt this kind of support, support that goes far beyond a job role. You are instantly awakened to the incredible support of charities out there, such charities giving you so many tools to help navigate your way through a cancer diagnosis. It was in these moments I realised I wanted to give something back to those that are there for me. A cancer diagnosis is breaking without the support of professionals and charities my journey so far would have been very different if it wasn’t for these guys.

My fundraising hasn’t been done alone, I have received incredible support from friends and the kindness of strangers. I want to thank each and everyone of you involved, and a huge HUGE thank you for all donations made, this alone has been a massive pick me up on my darker days, ill never forget this support.

The Bamford Suite Oncology Department : Derby Nuffield.

These guys are incredible. I’ll always remember Rachel being one of the first loving, supportive hugs I received after my diagnosis. I’ll never forget the positive strong words I received from Julie, and the genuine interest of ‘how I am doing’ from John. Julie, the lead oncology nurse is a pretty special woman, her dedication to the oncology department here is pretty special. I came into their care at a time where they already were working toward holding mindfulness courses to support others throughout and beyond cancer. I have been lucky enough to attend the pilot 8 week course at the derby Nuffield through my treatment, the guidance and support I got from this has been incredible and life changing. I wanted to help so that Julie and her team could continue to expand their support with such classes. This is why I decided pretty soon after my diagnoses I wanted to help and I have been raising money for the Bamford suite since.


I came across TrekStock whilst ‘googling’, ‘young adults with cancer help,’ and there they were. A cancer diagnoses in your 20’s and 30’s can throw another spin on your journey. These are the Years you are working hard towards career, relationships, financials, keeping up with your social life, the list goes on.  Fertility is a huge one for myself, no children as of yet and I certainly did not expect to be in my thirties making decisions about fertility because of cancer! Work is a huge one for me too, being hugely career driven I have had to step back and that’s been tough but knowing that there is support out there to openly discuss these things and to be understood and guided is an amazing help.