The reason behind my just giving page 💕

For a long time even before this I have worked with mindfulness teqniques, something I truly believe has helped me accept the path in which my life has now taken. I have had to deal so suddenly and make decisions on my life that never before did I believe I would have to make. One of the hardest things to accept as a young 33 year woman is fertility. I have no children but one day would love children with my future husband. In a few months I have had to get my head together and make decisions for my future after breast cancer, on top of this deal with the fact I have a life threatening and life changing illness. It hasn’t been easy however the strength I have had in reserve has pulled me through. With mindfulness teqniques and positive forward thinking I have managed to tackle this head on, learnt to deal with each step at a time and allow myself to breathe.

This brings me to the reason for my just giving page. I am a forever optimist, I try not to dwell on the negatives and always attempt to be pro active in any challenge thrown my way,

I want to raise money to put back into such techniques as mindfulness, for others on the journey with me, to help them through, to give some light on the days which can be filled with darkness.

My breast cancer care team at the Bamford suite at Derby Nuffield Health were there day one of my diagnosis. They are amazing. The Bamford suite work on a donation bases. I want to raise money so that Julie, John and Rachel can build on the services they already provide such as mindfulness classes, providing support for people who are going through treatment currently or have been affected with breast cancer, providing support not just during treatment and surgery but after too. I can’t tell you how it feels to pick up the phone and speak to the same people each time, to go into the Bamford suite and see the same faces they are such a huge part of my journey and others and I want to give something back to them.

A long side this I want to create a book “sharing your inspiration to others” “strength in numbers” I aim to contact others on this journey and people who are out on the other side. I want to compile their letters and create a book of inspration to then send back to each and everyone one who has helped to create the book with me. Something we can pick up and read when those darker days loom, or simply read when we want to feel strength in numbers full of positive vibes. I want this book to be of help to family and friends, those who may be struggling in understanding what their loved one is going through, it’s so hard for us but others around too going through this and at times I’ve learnt that those around can be lost and confused also, this book will help give an insight to what we are really feeling.

All donations will go directly to the Bamford suite and help me create the book so I can send it out to as many people going through this breast cancer journey. This is my way of giving something back, making me feel like there is some use to this horrible illness and giving me hope that strength in numbers will help others not feel alone.

I will be doing all kinds of small fundraising throughout this and will share everything with you and would love you to be involved.

As always Thank you for taking the time to read my story

My just giving page is below 💕 please support me, support others like me<<
Love Sarah x x x

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