Plant Based Sweet Potato Chilli Stew

Chilli, one of my most favourite foods, A simple meal, It’s the perfect meal for get togethers, family or friends, and it’s also perfect for batch cooking if you want to plan ahead for both dinners and lunches. This sweet potato chilli stew is packed full of goodness and with the Cashew Cheesy Vegan Sauce  you will not be disappointed. Plant based cooking made easy and enjoyed by everyone even if you aren’t plant based/vegan you will love this. A 30 minute meal that keeps on giving.

It can be frozen and for 3 months, or keep it stored in the fridge for 3 days. Serve with rice, a jacket potato, sweet potato, tortilla chips, however you feel, the vegan cheesy sauce will go with it all. If you fancy it as a light lunch serve with a hole heap of spinach and rocket, that’s such a fresh meal and SO TASTY …don’t forget the sauce.

The cheesy sauce can be stored in the fridge for 3 days…you can even use this for a tasty creamy sauce with mushrooms, broccoli and mixed through with pasta…I will share a recipe for this so you can try it out! So versatile !!

Too jazz things up even more follow the recipe for the Cashew Cheesy Sauce, to pour over the top of your Stew.

Cashew Cheesy Sauce
Cashew Cheesy Sauce

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