Learn to accept NO 1: Breast cancer awareness month 

So since my first chemo I’ve got to admit it hasn’t been as bad as expected. Day 1 of chemo felt like the worse hangover to date but I’ve had plenty of practice at that. Tiredness has been hard because I’m a do’er and not being able to do is hard. I’ve had good days and also had some pretty low days wishing this would stop. I’ve picked up a water infection that I’m now on anti biotics for and now I’ve planned a little trip away today and I’ve be given a sore throat feeling lousy with it, but I’m still going!  That’s chemo…attacks the good and the bad so anything going around will more than likely come my way.
But as I sat and thought this morning I realised something very very important.

I’m fighting for my life. Sounds extreme but the fact is I am, I don’t choose to see this in a negative light, I choose to see that have been allowed to fight, been given the chance to fight and that’s pretty special. I’m only just accepting that, like accepting I have breast cancer. I now accept the rough ride, I will at times be low with tiredness, I will be more at risk of catching anything doing the rounds this winter. But what’s important is that I continue to look after myself, look around and feel blessed to have the chance to fight this thing away.

With it being breast cancer awareness month I wanted to share a few experiences I have had during my journey so far. Still remembering that 2 months ago I had no idea I even had breast cancer, yet I’ve undergone my first chemo cycle and I’m counting down the days until my next. I’ve still got my hair, and for now it’s holding in strong, but like everything else so far I’ll tackle that in the same way with “it’s just part of my fight” attitude and continue on. So to anyone going through this with me remember that we can and will fight this. Each hurdle is another point on your CV of life and at the end of it you will be fully qualified in learning the real meaning of life and that is to appreciate just being.

Support breast cancer awareness month ❤️ last year I wouldn’t of even imagine writing this. The photo above was me smiling from a meal on Saturday with family because I got dressed up went out and enjoyed my evening. Before this experience I thought chemo was all doom and gloom, it’s not. It’s not the best thing but it doesn’t stop you. I chose to take a step back from the stress of life and look in and in doing so I’ve learnt so much. Don’t be scared, take each step at a time. 

Stay strong ❤️

Love sarah 


5 thoughts on “Learn to accept NO 1: Breast cancer awareness month 

  1. Glad you are feeling ok, my first round was like yours ok (albiet I had a 2 night stay in the Derby Royal with suspected infection!), it was my reaction to the injections/chemo they think. Felt brill coming out the other side getting more back to normal each day. Hair falling out now and chemo number 2 was yesterday. I had a really rough night last night but today so far so good. I am with you in positivity we are fighting this fight together along with many more ladies; stay strong, eat well and love those around you with all your heart.
    We will look back on this and it will be a low point in our lives but we will nail it I am sure of that. Sending you much love xxxxxx

  2. You are amazing keep strong and positive. What a love piece of writing am sure it touch many as it did me 💜💜

  3. You have such an amazing, positive outlook. Really hope the rest of your sessions go ok for you. You look stunning with a buzz cut 😘

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