My Rome Trip: Exploring Vegan Options

When in Rome….I eat Plant Based…

This weekend I travelled to Rome, a surprise trip from my fiancé as I near the end of my active cancer treatment and my birthday, we don’t have many weekends free so this was such an amazing surprise .


I wanted to share this blog as if you follow my journey you will know that I live a plant based diet, I have honestly found this easy to stick too here in the UK you get quite a good selection especially in the bigger cities but I was a little worried heading Rome, Fresh Pasta, Cheeses, cured meats and pizzas.

I have so many people ask me if I am going to continue this way of eating, my answer is simple, YES I love it and I have a constant flow of energy like never before, and lets face it in my circumstances that’s a pretty special thing to keep hold of.


One thing I really wish I could do is speak Italian, this may have made the experience a little easier. I always read other blogs and look on socials for this plant based and vegan advice so I thought I would share mine …

  1. Don’t feel embarrassed to ask for vegan options, I say vegan because asking for plant based food can complicate the matter further.
  2. Make sure the pasta is dry (not made with eggs)
  3. Look at the antipasti selection/ starters. Olives, Bruschetta, breads and oils, fresh vegetables grilled, there is so much available and pretty much all fresh produce.
  4. Mix it up, select a few different dishes, some starters some sides.
  5. Pizzas are great just ask for the vegetarian options and ask for no cheese. (Pizza Rossa)
  6. For dessert especially in summer try out the amazing sorbet.
  7. Fresh Fruit is incredible in Italy so get yourself plenty of that.
  8. Many places only offer soya milk if you like this your in luck if like me you don’t just have an espresso or Americano
  9. Pop in google, Vegan Restaurants Rome, plenty will show. Remember that many good restaurants you will need to book so call them up and check that they offer vegan as some say they do on trip advisor but they actually don’t.
  10. Explore the menu, go for it, try veggies you haven’t before, try different dishes you have never heard of.
  11. Don’t stress out about it, I was a little worried but then I thought…it’s all part of my new experiences so just roll with it.
  12. Don’t punish yourself, I slipped up and had fresh pasta, then realised. I initially though OHHH NO then I had a word with myself and said CMON. I just made extra sure in the next places. Remember this is meant to be an enjoyable experiece.
  13. Ask the hotel staff, they are usually really helpful. Don’t be shy.

So what did I think?

My experience of being vegan is Rome was …ok….it was made easier using  google first to check what was around close by.  Many places are very helpful and some not so much, but it doesn’t matter, if you sit down and think this isn’t for me…then say I am sorry and leave. (as long as you haven’t booked, that would be rude so please check when you make a call to reserve before)

I have been to Italy when I wasn’t plant based and honestly, I enjoyed it even more because I tried new things, I was more open minded with it and actually found it way healthier also which is always a bonus.

Another thing I learnt, my cooking Is pretty tasty, that is down to the fact I am now plant based, I cook with so Many herbs and spices I have learnt what works and what doesn’t, food is never dull or bland in our household anymore. Plant based does really open your mind to new things it isn’t just a food choice is an entire new exciting lifestyle.

As for references of places to eat…I haven’t actually got any places to share with you as to be honest I was in the moment most of the time, but If you go with the attitude and advice above you will find places to eat plant based easy enough and enjoy exploring whilst you do.

Let me know your thoughts, and any recommendations as Italy is one of my favourite countries, so would love more tips for the future







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